In November 2009 Ganesh starts to teach  yoga in Gokarna, a very  nice small village of Karnataka Coast in India. Classes take place daily on the roof of Naga Palace Hotel, 5 minutes walking from the beach and are open to everybody: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
His students are from different countries, many of them attend the classes for long periods, some for 15 days, other  for 3 months. On Friday there is also a Satsang: in Indian philosophy is a moment of  meditation, listening to or reading ancient scriptures, reflecting on, discussing  and chanting mantras and bhajans. At the end there is Aarti and together students share Prasad (sacred food).
Normally Ganesh teaches  these classes from the beginning of November untill the end of March.
Since 2013 Ganesh started the yoga classes in  Datta Nivas. Classes are for all levels and take place daily exept for  Monday  on the  roof, surrounded by coconut trees. 

Yoga lesson at Gokarna-Naga Palace

Yoga lesson at Gokarna-Naga Palace


Christmas Satsang

Flyer 2012/2013

Old Flyer 2011/2012

Old Flyer 2010/2011

Previous workshops...

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences. Yoga is the science of union with the Ultimate Being. Ayurveda is the science of living, of daily life. When yogis performe certain postures and follow certain disciplines, they open up and move energies that have accumulated or stagnated in the energy centers. If stagnant, these energies create various ailments. Emploing ayurvedic diagnosis and treatments, the yogis deal effectively with these disorders. Ayurveda indicates which type of yoga is suitable for each person, according to his particular constitution (dosha).

Vegetarian cooking class

Vegetarian cooking  class

Vegetarian Christmas Specialities workshop

Vegan Sushi

Yoga class in Alps Mountains

Yoga class in French Riviera

If you would like to partecipate to our workshops (vegetarian cuisine, ayurvedic cuisine, hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, kirthan and mantras) please contact us. 

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